FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - How to Buy FIFA Points on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC

Today we help you buy FIFA Points in each of the versions of the delivery that opens in September

FIFA 18 is starting to look its head and more and more we have more information about the delivery available in September. Today we have to talk about where, how and when to buy FIFA Points, a very important currency that will help us in different game modes.

To make accounts and know how many we have, remember that just look at the top right corner of our screens in the Ultimate Team menu. Another thing is how to buy FIFA Points; We tell you how to do it on each platform.

Buy FIFA Points on PS4
To buy FIFA Points you can access the FUT Store, the store that is inside the Ultimate Team from where we are redirected to the PS Store. That being the case, you have already guessed the other way: by directly accessing PlayStation Store and performing a manual search.

We are looking forward to FIFA 18, remember that in XGN you can also know the legends of FIFA 18 and what are the new features of FIFA 18 that we look forward to launching.FIFA 18 Cheats

We have the last method to buy FIFA Points on PS4 that also serves for Xbox One and PC, and it is by activating a code. Remember that platforms like Kinguin, Amazon or even gift cards allow us to trade combinations of different digits that happen to become money.FIFA 17 Hack

Of course, it is necessary to buy FIFA Points and redeem with this system you have the internet and an account of Origin, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, something you should already have today but sometimes we forget to perform. In this case, it is an indispensable step.

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